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  • Lupacchino

    on April 6, 2018

    To Josh Biddle . . .

    I would refer you to USNTC Museum in Port Deposit where they have a collection of USNTC BAINBRIDGE Graduation Annuals. GOOGLE their website and give them any/all info you have. If you can a visit to the museum would be beneficial to you and your research. Hope this helps.

    Tony Lupacchino TE(RM)2 USN

  • Josh Biddle

    on April 6, 2018

    Hi my name is Josh biddle my uncle Howard. E biddle went through boot camp at bainbridge md in 1946 I'm not exactly sure of his platoon but I'm trying to figure that out could you be of help

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    on June 15, 2011

    Hi, my great grandmother passed down a collection of vintage picture frames to me recently and I removed the back of one to insert my fiances recent graduation picture from the now only training center for sailors and inside was a folded piece of paper with usntc bainbridge Maryland 1952 printed in the bottom right corner, being a navy wife I immediately googled the term and I am so happy to find this site!

  • Lupacchino

    on March 28, 2011

    Help to keep the memories of USNTC BAINBRIDGE alive . . . if you have photos or personal comments about your experiences at USNTC BAINBRIDGE, feel free to contact me at the 'E-Mail Me' above or post your personal comments to any and all of the photos in my galleries.

    The following link is a blog on USNTC BAINBRIDGE hosted by 'Thomas' who also would like to hear from you . . . visit his blog at

  • Lupacchino

    on December 30, 2010

    I picked this up from USNTC BAINBRIDGE Guestbook on - I did check out Fred's instructions and his photos of his stay at USNTC BAINBRIDGE in 1953. If you have any photos your would like to share, this is a good site to do it. Click on

    Message 4 - Fred Klohn |
    If anyone has digital pictures (or digital scans of old pictures or slides) Google Earth may post them on the base so we all can view them. At the moment I seem to be the only one who has done that. If you are interested then panoramio (dot) com is an easy way to upload your photos for consideration. They have rules which you can read before uploading. You can then “map” the photo to the location you took it – and add “tags” to the photo like USNTC or Bainbridge. You may already have an account/name with them as Google recently purchased the site.
    When were you at USNTC?: Jan-Mar 1953
    What was your unit / rank?: 1st Regiment Company 71 Boot
    Are you a member?: No
    27 December 2010 - Fort Myers, FL

  • Lupacchino

    on December 30, 2010

    If you are viewing these galleries be sure and read what others have to say about their experiences and post your own comments.

    Do you have anything that you might want to add as a remembrance of your time at any one of these commands? Consider posting your comments by selecting the ‘Add Comment’ button and follow the instructions given.

    Do you have any photos that you would like to have posted? E-mail me!


    Tony Lupacchino TE(RM)2