USNTC Bainbridge - Members of Class "A" Teleman School Class 10-56, Bainbridge MD (November 14, 1955 to February 17, 1956). - Lupacchino
  • Lupacchino

    on January 11, 2016

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    Dr. G. T. 'Bud' Martin

    on February 23, 2014

    OhioState Midshipman (USNR) joined enlisted for Korean campaign. Boot 1/c, 1953 Co. 272. Brigade Drill Team (male/female) leader for 8 consecutive weeks. TE A at Sdiego '54, subsequently to FAW1 staff (CTF72/Formosa Patrol), FAW4 staff (Whidbey). AV12, AV13, APD107. Direct commission WV ANG, Subsequent B-47 combat crew, SAC Hq, 3AF Hq (U.K.). Greatest memory was fire training, lead on the hose ("Gooseneck!"), because CPO didn't like me (ex-"officer" >midshipman). Was on USS Missouri BB63 for cruise in '52. Fair winds!

  • John F. Grychak

    on July 15, 2013

    I was in Bainbridge in June of 1955. Company 279, 4th reg, 44th Battalion. I sure would like to obtain any pictures of my time there at the center, can anyone help me obtain them? I was part of the "BERKSHIRE BATTALION" from Pittsfield, Ma.

  • Lupacchino

    on June 3, 2013

    The following is an e-mail from John G. Doran of Teleman Class 23-56 (USNTC BAINBRIDGE 1956)

    Anyone knowing John G. Doran and if you have a Class Photo of Teleman Class 23-56 (USNTC BAINBRIDGE 1956) contact him at

    “tad to bainbridge md 1956 to attend school fm uss lake champlain cva 39. my class was 23/56. after school was over in aug went back to the ship which was in new york. on the way back lost my class picture and was wondering if you could help me locate one if possible. when did you finish school where did you go? those were the good old days.”

  • Claudia

    on February 11, 2013

    Does anyone else remember David Mellen? I am his sister. Even though we lost David in 1957, I find it touching that he is remembered. Does anyone else have memories that would like to share. Thank you.

  • Lupacchino

    on December 26, 2012

    57 years later, I can't get USNTC BAINBRIDGE out of my mind as it was the best 7 months of my young life that helped to form my future. I have great memories of shipmates that I served with and only wish that the base still existed in some form today.

    On average I get 10,000 hits monthly on my SMUGMUG Galleries, of which 5000 hits are for my Boot Camp Company and Teleman Service School galleries. I also get approximately 1000 hits monthly for the Museum gallery. The rest of the hits are for the other galleries related to those who have e-mailed photos to me of their own experiences while at USNTC BAINBRIDGE.

    There still is an interest in USNTC BAINBRIDGE and I hope that it continues. I also get e-mails from those who have served at the base as well as families and friends who have questions about locating more information about their relatives/friends.

  • Ken

    on September 9, 2012

    Looking for a pix of Patricia Potter who was a WAVE recruit (enlisted after high school in 1956) at Bainbridge. She received Radio Training level A at Bainbridge after her recruit training. She says she was probably the only WAVE in this class. Do your pix include her?
    If so, can I get a .jpg of it?

  • Lupacchino

    on June 1, 2012

    Be sure to view my photo gallery for USNTC BAINBRIDGE MUSEUM, Port Deposit, MD!i=1805464909&k=B5wW7gz

  • Lupacchino

    on February 1, 2012

    From a comment posted by Murray While that he made on USNTC BAINBRIDGE Company 359 Galleries . . .

    1. Murray White wrote about this gallery on Feb 1st
    I attended RM "A" scol Oct 1959-Jun 1960 and RM "B" scol Sep 1969-Jun 1970. The photos are excellent and bring back many fond memories. Bravo Zulu to all who contributed. My wife and I visited what was left of the base fall of 2009 and hardly recognized any of the area other than Port Deposit. The rusty main gate was padlocked so we couldn't get on the base. From what I've been told, over 400 bldgs were bulldozed and the base has returned to nature. I hope that a memorial is being considered to recognize the over 500,000 sailors who attended boot camp, school or was stationed there. I retired from the Navy in May 1979 as an RMC and if anyone recognizes my name, please send email me at

  • Lupacchino

    on November 17, 2011

    From an October 30, 2011 e-mail received from Fred Larson RMC USN Ret (1973)


    RMC USN Ret (1973)"