USNRTC Bainbridge - Members of Company 359, 2nd Regiment (Camp Perry), 25th Battalion, Barracks 227, Bainbridge MD (August 6, 1955 to October 19, 1955). - Lupacchino
  • Lupacchino

    on April 11, 2013

    From a posting by Gerry Siegel to my SMUGMUG gallery

    1. Gerry Siegel ( wrote about this gallery on Apr 10th

    My first married home was in Manor Heights in 1961-1962 where Carole and I lived. Our son David was born at the Naval Hospital in Bainbridge. I was a junior officer on the staff of the Commander NTC. With the help of CPO Joe Mineo we were able to get the first Navy ship to come up to Havre de Grace for Armed Forces Day. Chief Mineo and I were out in a whaleboat taking soundings to check the depth of water, since the charts were pretty old. An AR vessel came up and a lot of local folks went aboard the first Navy vessel to get near to the old base in ages. I also have some photos of a race on that day taken from the Navy salvage ship.

  • Lupacchino

    on February 12, 2013

    The following is a posting to the Teleman School Class 10-56 by Dave Mellen's sister Claudia. If anyone remembers Dave either from USNTC BAINBRIDGE Company 359, Teleman School Class 10-56, or CINCPAC/CINCPACFLT please post your comments or e-mail Claudia. Thanks, Tony Lupacchino TE(RM)2 USN

    1. Claudia ( wrote about this gallery on Feb 11th

    Does anyone else remember David Mellen? I am his sister. Even though we lost David in 1957, I find it touching that he is remembered. Does anyone else have memories that would like to share. Thank you.

  • marco cantele

    on January 31, 2013

    Hi Tony: I happened to read about jnterest in USNTC Bainbridge and thought I would drop you a line. I enlister in the Navy in Albant, Ny in August, 1955. I along with two high school buddies joined together and we went off to Bainbridge, all 17 years old, just kids. We were all in the fourth regiment, up on the hill as I recall. I had a wonderful time in my 8 weeks. I was in the Drum & Bugle Corps so I got to march in review and play my bugle every morning (it also got me out of a lot of details ) . I also went on three interviews in preparation for the American Spirit of Honor Man recognition, potentionally quite an honor......but in the end I was not selected..still a fun experience.
    I was also on the 4th regiment basketball team, so you can see I was very active while in Bainbridge and to this day at my advanced age I have a lot of fond memories of my time at the USNTC. I have my Compass and a photograph of my company
    Good luck Tony and keep the Bainbridge light on. Upon graduation I went Sonar school in Key West

  • Lupacchino

    on January 1, 2013

    From an e-mail received from Robert Cahillane - January 1, 2013 . . . .

    "Checking in from Northampton, Ma.

    Hi tony;
    I was at Bainbridge in July & August, It started on July 4th 1957 in West Springfield, Ma. myself and 100 other guys were sworn
    into the Navy, aka Greater Springfield Honor Guard, Co. 125 at Bainbridge, our CO/DI was 1st Class BM Ken Hagan, who stayed with us,
    when we were flown back to Westover AFB, in Chicopee, Ma. in Mid September, and for the next ten days we provided Color Guard/Honor Guard for the Governors of the six New England
    State's, at the State Fair aka the Big "E", afterward after our 30 days went into the fleet, 2 years Ass't Provost Marshal NAS Barber's Point, HI.,on the the USS Lexington CVA 16 OI Division CIC, for 7 months,Oxnard, Ca., GRMGRU #1, next stop Projects Dept., VX-5 China Lake, Ca., to July 1961, 2 years reserve, Married 49 yr's.,with 5 children, 30 years in the family auto business, became Director of Veterans' Service for our city for 13 years, Area Chair ESGR Employers Support of the Guard & Reserve, 6 years ago I became a Blue/Gold Officer for the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis Md., my first student finish in May, I currently have 4 midshipmen attending, as a Air Force friend once told me for E-4 I did OK. Happy New Year. Bob Cahillane"

  • Lupacchino

    on December 26, 2012

    57 years later, I can't get USNTC BAINBRIDGE out of my mind as it was the best 7 months of my young life that helped to form my future. I have great memories of shipmates that I served with and only wish that the base still existed in some form today.

    On average I get 10,000 hits monthly on my SMUGMUG Galleries, of which 5000 hits are for my Boot Camp Company and Teleman Service School galleries. I also get approximately 1000 hits monthly for the Museum gallery. The rest of the hits are for the other galleries related to those who have e-mailed photos to me of their own experiences while at USNTC BAINBRIDGE.

    There still is an interest in USNTC BAINBRIDGE and I hope that it continues. I also get e-mails from those who have served at the base as well as families and friends who have questions about locating more information about their relatives/friends.

  • Duane Jones

    on December 1, 2012

    Hello, My father Willis Blaine Jones (W.B. Jones) was at Bainbridge from May 16 until Aug. 2 1956, he pasted away several years ago and i've been trying to find out what company he was in at bainbridge so i could buy a copy of the compass book,we use to have the compass book but when my father was alive his home was flooded and the compass book were destroyed.Please if anyone that was there in that time period could look in their books and see if W. B. Jones picture is in it and let me know the company he was in there or if you knew him,please any help would be very nice. any information on where to purchase a compass book.This web is great please keep it going.

    Thank you, Duane Jones Harrisville Wv, 26362

  • Wilma Stapleton

    on October 27, 2012

    I went to boot camp at USNTC(W) --the 'H' building-- NOV71 to FEB72 , DK Johnson was our Company Commander and then "Across The Street" to Radioman A School, (where I met my future husband) MAR72 to JUL72 .....My first duty station was NAVCAMSLANT Norfolk VA -- JUL 72 to SEP 74. My last duty station was NAVSUBBASE New London CT JAN90. I finished my career in FEB 92. I have many fond memories of Bainbridge.

  • Guilford J. Perry

    on October 10, 2012

    I haven't looked at my copy of the compass in years, but I just had to dig it out when I saw your site! I was in company 305 53rd battalion 5th regiment. We commenced training 15 July 1955 and graduated 19 September 1955. CPO W. C. Cearley was our company commander. I went home to Seekonk, Ma. for my first leave and reported back to Bainbridge where I attended Class A Radioman School. At that time, we chose our billets based on our class standing. I graduated in the upper 10 percent, but I can't remember any of the billets remaing when I chose the USS CATAWBA ATA-210, a tug our of Jacksonville, Fl. Finished my career in November of 1973.

  • Lupacchino

    on June 1, 2012

    Be sure to view my photo gallery for USNTC BAINBRIDGE MUSEUM, Port Deposit, MD!i=1805464909&k=B5wW7gz

  • Doug McDaniel

    on April 26, 2012

    I was in boot camp in1953, Company 114. I have misplaced my Compass. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?
    I went to Radar school in Norfolk and was assigned to USS Noa DD 841.