CINCPAC, CINCPACFLT and COMSERVPAC, Pearl Harbor HI. Housed At Sub Base Barracks, Pearl Harbor HI (February 1956 to March 1958). - Lupacchino
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    Ken (TAZ) Ptasnick

    on November 28, 2014

    Stationed at Cincpacflt from July 68 to Sept 70. Communications Technician Third Class "O" brancher....Charlie Section...Shouting out to any of the old gang

  • Lupacchino

    on December 14, 2013

    From a December 13, 2013 e-mail from George Brubaker who wrote:


    I was stationed at Message Center Makalapa at CINCPACFLT from 1967-1969. We were just in the process of installing a new computer system when I arrived.... I remember all to well the "off duty" burn runs of classified materials....and the never ending Saturday morning "personnel inspections". There's an incident I remember especially about an inspection.....Seems I failed the inspection (wearing a brand new set of whites) with "rust under a button" on my blouse, while the inspecting Mustange had his 6 rows of ribbons on "upside down".....This qualified me for another 4 weeks of Saturday morning inspections.

    ...I was married there as well...In the little chapel across the street from the Cincpacflt bldg. I wish I had some photos of what the
    chapel looked like...but haven't been able to locate any..We have nothing but the marriage licence show for....

    We lived off base at 1530 Lihulihu St in Honolulu, in an apartment bldg. A few of us stationed at Cincpacflt lived there and traveled back and forth to work.

    I have a listing of some of those who served with me at the Message Center Makalapa...but only 3 or 4 of us keep in touch anymore.

    Always good to come across a webpage for places I have served...If you could find a photo of the Chapel and email it to me...I would be forever endebted to you....


    George A. Brubaker RM1 USN Ret

  • Lupacchino

    on December 12, 2013

    From a December 11, 2013 e-mail from Ken Jansen who wrote:

    Thanks to your website, I was able to meet up with a ole navy buddy, from my COMSERVPAC motor pool days 58-60. His name is Thom Williams of Chattanooga. Tenn., and we were able to fly there for a couple of days. We had a enjoyable reunion--- thank you again. Ken Jansen.

  • Lupacchino

    on February 12, 2013

    The following is a posting to the Teleman School Class 10-56 by Dave Mellen's sister Claudia. If anyone remembers Dave either from USNTC BAINBRIDGE Company 359, Teleman School Class 10-56, or CINCPAC/CINCPACFLT please post your comments or e-mail Claudia. Thanks, Tony Lupacchino TE(RM)2 USN

    1. Claudia ( wrote about this gallery on Feb 11th

    Does anyone else remember David Mellen? I am his sister. Even though we lost David in 1957, I find it touching that he is remembered. Does anyone else have memories that would like to share. Thank you.

  • Lupacchino

    on August 16, 2012

    From Ben F. Davis - email of August 16, 2012


    I found your information and photos you shared very informative.

    I served on the USS Bonita SSK-3 from June of 1956 until she was deactivated in 1958. I am enclosing a photo of me firing a torpedo from the Mk 101 Torpedo Firecontrol Console. On February 14th 1957 we were on practice torpedo runs with Bluegill SSK-242 and I fired a torpedo "Hot, Straight & Normal." Our system said a hit, but Bluegill said "Negative". When she surfaced, my torpedo was sticking out of her sail. Local newspapers didn't miss it and the photo caption was "Happy Valentine's Day!"
    I've been searching for a copy of that photo for years as mine was misplaced. Any Bonita or Bluegill sailors recall this or have a photo/newspaper clipping?

    Ben F Davis
    USN/USCG Retired.

  • Lupacchino

    on May 3, 2012

    Ron Henderson recently posted this comment to one of the photos and is posted here for the entire gallery. Anyone serving and/or knows Ron, you can e-mail him:

    "1. Ron Henderson ( wrote about this photo on May 3rd
    I served as computer programmer for the LDMX system from 1970 until 1972 as an RMC, was promoted to
    Warrant in 1970. Would like to hear from anyone who served there during same period."

  • Lupacchino

    on April 24, 2012

    From an e-mail I received on April 24, 2012 from Mary Rush (If anyone has any knowledge of the ceremony at CINCPACFLT that Mary speaks of, please let us know . . . Thank you!)



    My name is Mary Rush. I worked at CINCPACFLT (CPF) Headquarters, Pearl Harbor in the period from July 1973 through several months into 1978 as secretary to a defense contractor's on-site staff. During that period, the Admiral in charge hosted the visit of a Japanese Admiral and his entourage. As you may know, the CPF headquarters is a four-story building atop a hill overlooking Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Each "deck" of the building from the 2nd to 4th is surrounded by a balcony. On the day this admiral visited there was a ceremony in the beautiful, tree encircled courtyard. Mostly everyone working upstairs in the building stepped out on the balconies to observe the ceremony being held below. There were speeches, a USN band was present, and at the conclusion of the ceremony, they played both the Japanese and USA national anthems. It was a tremendously moving moment.

    So now my question: Do you have any idea who that Japanese Admiral was and the date of his visit, as well as the name of our Admiral then in charge of CPF? I cannot remember who they were and my Google search has not revealed anything about that momentous occasion. (I was telling a good friend about that day and he was disappointed I couldn't remember who these two men were who participated in that hugely significant ceremony; hence my query.)

    The other thing I wanted to share with you is that a very dear friend and WWII USN veteran was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 when the attack came. He was serving aboard the USS Detroit that was situated in the row of four battle ships that included the USS Utah which, of course, was sunk on that fateful day.

    Our friend, Robert G. Halliday, passed away in July of 2007. I met Bob in 1966 and though I knew he had been in the Navy, it wasn't until 2006 when he called me to ask if I'd be willing to edit and type his memoir of his service that I learned he'd been at Pearl Harbor on that day. Of course, I said I'd be thrilled to help him with that project and fortunately it was completed before his death. I have it, should you be interested. It covers his entire years of service during WWII and I and family and friends could put together post war stories about him from our own experiences of this wonderful friend.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at, and I so look forward to hearing from you.


    Mary R. Rush

  • Allen Hoof

    on February 21, 2012

    Hi Tony

    My Dad, as a LCdr then Cdr, USN, served on "Staff, COMSERVPAC 1954-1957. He was an EDO, designator 1400. I don't know what his specific duties entailed. Our family lived in Navy housing on Pearl City Peninsula. I have many memories of that time (I was aged 10-13) such as swimming in Towers Pool with Admiral Stump's son--also named Felix B. Unfortunately I have no pictures relevant to Dad's duty. What I do know, since my wife and I, after my retirement from the Corps, live in Hawaii, is that Dad's office building still stands in Makalapa (unlike our old Pearl City quarters, which were razed ca. 2000 to make way for better housing). That old COMSERVPAC building is just up the hill behind COMPACFLT Bldg 251. (I have still not accustomed myself to that! I grew up[ with CINCPACFLT, and that's what still seems "right" to me.) There is more than idle curiosity involved here. My job in retirement is cartography. My projects include making maps of the military bases, so I have occasion to keep track of such things!

    Semper Fi, sailor, and BZ for this site.

  • Lupacchino

    on June 29, 2011

    From an e-mail received from Lew Rhodes on June 28, 2011 . . .

    I discovered your site today because out daughter in visting Oahu this week and wanted to know where we lived at the time so she could see if its still there.

    I served at CINCPA/CINCPACFLT on the Inteliegence staff under Adm. Stump from March '55 to October 56 in the deep basement under the Makalapa hq building,

    I dug out some old slides and found the HQ building, and pix of our living quarters but can't recall the address. We were right across the street from a golf course in what must have been Navy housing - four units attached together like a motel. I know it was still there when we visited in 1968.

    Any thoughts about where it might have been?


    Lew Rhodes

  • Lupacchino

    on May 4, 2011

    From an e-mail received on May 3, 2011 from Ken Jansen

    I was stationed in the\crater motor pool, right below comservpac, 1958- 1960. I was a admiral driver for about a year, the I became a dispatcher. Most of the people there were Cincpacflt, I was assigned to Comservpac. I have fond memories of my time spent on Oahu, meeting my future wife there. We were married back in Wisconsin, and just celebrated our 50 years together. We do get back there now and then, the island has changed so much, so over populated. I guess that I'm lost in the '50's My rate was EN3, my name is Ken Jansen,living in Dubuque, IA